About Canna Organix

Our love and passion is to cultivate exceptional cannabis without compromise.

We believe in innovation, integrity and value.

Canna Organix is a Washington State cannabis grower, manufacturer and distributer. We grow and process legal cannabis in our state-of-the-art facility located in Sequim and cultivate honest and personable relationships with our retail partners, consumers, employees, and community. We constantly refine ourselves and encourage those around us, creating synergistic bonds, ampliyfing our efforts and our end products.  Enjoy.



    Canna Organix began with a small crew of friends and a big dream to produce and legally provide high-grade cannabis to Washington's residents and visitors.

    The founders of Canna Organix have taken a lifetime interest in cannabis. One of our founders, Tim, was the first of caregivers under I-692-- Washington’s first medical marijuana initiative in early 2000.

    Working under Washington’s medical laws provided excellent learning opportunities, yet limitations and inconsistencies in patient-caregiver protection led Tim and other founders Steve and Wendy further South pursuing year-round greenhouse production, enhancing cannabis skills and knowledge even further. Mendocino County California provided a rich playground where days were spent gardening barefoot, researching, and experimenting- cultivating expertise and ourselves. Here cannabis was grown on a much larger scale, production and processing streamlined, and finally, we were able to consult and connect with the real movers and shakers in the industry. Through constant experimentation, research and innovation, much of Canna Organix processes and techniques were developed.

    When the legalization opportunity opened up in Washington State, we came home and formed Canna Organix- the culmination of our experience.

    Founded in 2013, Canna Organix now quietly leads the evolution of Washington's cannabis industry with quality product and process innovations, great value, and a drive to build long-term relationships within our team, partnerships and community.


        Our ability to grow exceptional marijuana is important to our customers and ourselves; having an ideal location allows us to do so easily and more efficiently.

        Growing in the heart of the 'Olympic Rain Shadow,' a region on the Olympic Peninsula that receives only 16 inches of rain a year and 250 days of sunshine creates an ideal climate for producing cannabis naturally without the use of chemical pesticides. The tiny region of Sequim, only 15 miles in diameter, is unique as it is the only desert in Western Washington and was selected because of its climate: cooler summers and hotter winters than Eastern Washington, yet similiar amounts of sun and rain.

        We leverage the best of our location, alongside innovative greenhouse technology and environmental controls, and believe Sequim to be the best local in the state for enjoying life and growing our high-grade "sun-grown indoor products."





            Our mantra- cultivate ourselves and those around us first, and a culture of excellence, caring, respect and achievement is grown.

            We have a simple mission- growth. We deeply enjoy promoting the cultivation of one's self and one’s realizations, understanding we produce better cannabis with passionate teammates also dedicated to continual growth, development, and improvement. 

            By selecting talented and enthusiastic people, pursuing quality over quantity, people over profit, and striving for sustainable practices and innovative systems- we believe true success and happiness is lived and breathed everyday.  We believe these qualities to be the best practices for optimizing one’s self, those around us, and our community; afterall, life only gives us two choices- growth or decay. Let us grow!