Cannabis Business Times- 2020 September

The Meaning of Success

Cover Story: How Cannabis Cultivation Company Canna Organix Measures Its Success

Excerpts from: The Meaning of Success

For some companies, success is tied to bottom lines, investor confidence, and stock prices. For others, it’s about being creative and finding artistry in the process. And then there’s the team behind Canna Organix, a Washington-based, Tier 3 cannabis cultivation company located in the northeast corner of Olympic National Park, whose definition of success varies depending on who you’re asking. “Success means more than our bottom line, and it’s been a way of living and a way of being,” says Wendy Bentley, business manager for Canna Organix. “We want things to operate positively on the day to day. We want people to be happy. … We also value everyone’s home life and we want to give space and support for the inherent things that come up.”

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