Born on the path for purity and pursuit of finding better ways.

Canna Organix created Canna Whupass, an ass-kicking line of cannabis extracts, distillates and prerolls developed to give the most 'bang-for-your-buck.'

    Vape Cartridges

    Consisting of nearly 100% THC cannabinoids, plant-derived terpenes infuse our distillate with strain-specific cannabis terpene profiles.

    Our vape cartridges are the debut product in the Canna Whupass line-up. Produced in our molecular still, we combine distillate with flavors from Cannaroma to make cartridges of known purity with superior quality and flavors.

        Fruity Pebblz

        High Potency dabs that pack a punch yet are easy on the wallet.

        Another new product to the Canna Whupass line combines distillate with botanically derived terps to create a dabable "pebble" shaped THCA crystal. We saw the market was in need of a tasty dab, and have released 5 exciting flavors to fill this niche. Highest potency dab for your dollar. Same great Canna Whupass taste in an exciting new look.


                All-In-One Vape

                    Distillate Syringes

                    High-purity THC distillate with natural plant-derived terpenes offered in a syringe for those that prefer a good dab.

                    Part of our Canna Whupass line-up, available in the following flavors with 100% recyclable packaging-- (underlying strain terpene profile in parenthesis):
                    • Berry Kush - (Green Kush) • Blackberry Kush - (Sour Diesel) • Blueberry Flame  - (Fire OG) • Creamsicle - (Hash Plant) • Double Bubble - (OG Kush) • Golden Apricot - (Sour Tsunami) • Grapeness - (Tahoe OG) • Lime Dream - (Blue Dream) • Mango Haze - (Super Silver Haze) • Nanner Kush - (Blue Dream) • OMGuava - (OG Kush) • Pineapple Crush - (Jack Herer)  • Tropical Trainwreck - (Trainwreck) • Vanilla Wafer - (Snowbud) • Washington Apple - (Girl Scout Cookies)

                        Flavors, Terpenes, and “Entourage Effects”

                        Flavors aren't labeled “natural” to lull you into thinking that everything natural is good and not harmful.

                        Utilizing only food-grade compounds of known purity to make all flavors, the cannabis terpene profiles and flavor constituents from other botancials layer together with potent cannabinoids to create the phenomenon known as the "entourage effect." Entourage effects occur when cannabinoids and terpenes work synergistically in the body to produce a different biological response than cannabinoids would alone. While tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is typically considered the primary active component of cannabis, other cannabinoids, like cannabidiol (CBD) and terpenes, can also modulate and fine-tune the effects of THC.

                            Strategic Partnerships

                            Partners with a true passion and appreciation for the science of cannabis.

                            In addition to in-house distillate processing, our flavoring formulations are achieved through a strategic partnership with Cannaroma and their team of PhDs. Cannaroma is a leading analytical research group on cannabis cultivars with a world-renowned reputation for scientific excellence and integrity. The unique combination of Canna Organix's distillate and Cannaroma's flavoring are subject to rigorous quality controls, resulting in a smooth, clean, flavorful distillate with excellent effects.

                              Click to enlarge Canna Whupass flavors are  formulated exclusively by Cannaroma. Canna Whupass flavors are formulated exclusively by Cannaroma.

                              Cannaroma is a trademark of The Werc Shop, LLC, registered in trade relevant jurisdictions and Global Patents pending.

                              What sets Canna Whupass apart?

                              High-grade base material. State-of-the-art equipment. Third-party testing.

                              Despite distillate's multi-step refinement processes, we always begin with high-grade product as our base material (buds, trim, and sugar leaf). Our in-house processing uses innovational state-of-the art equipment ensuring a consistently high-quality product is created every batch. Last, flavors are third-party tested using Cannaroma's food-grade or higher specifications and final products are third-party tested meeting state regulations and specifications.