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Looking for a fun, professional, and challenging work environment? Canna Organix is an Equal Opportunity Employer and fully subscribes to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity. Applicants and/or employees are considered for hire, promotion and job status, without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, marital status, national origin, age, physical or mental disability.

We have established a drug‐free workplace program that balances our respect for individuals with the need to maintain an alcohol, drug‐free, and prescription drug abuse‐free environment.

Outdoor Plant Care- Seasonal Work

Canna Organix Outdoor Plant Care Staff

Job Description: Primarily responsible for outdoor cannabis plant care and general greenhouse maintenance.


  • Water cannabis plants and apply plant additives and pesticides complying with safety standard and wearing proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) when applicable;
  • Defoliate, prune plants, and super-crop using hand tools according to policy and procedures;
  • Collect Waste, Logging, Storing, and Destroying plant material according to procedures;
  • Ensure pots are placed in correct order under lights: ie. Proper spacing,
  • Scrog plants,ensuring every square has bud, spacing is maintained;
  • Note plant irregularities to management; Hand-mix soil with amendments;
  • Clean and sanitize greenhouse floors;
  • Ensure care is taken when opening and closing tarps;
  • Accurately complete compliance paperwork and logs in a timely manner;
  • Assure proper care of all tools and equipment: hoses, pH pens, tarps, pruning shears etc.;
  • Repair and maintain greenhouse and grounds as needed;
  • Assure compliance with Canna Organix policies including but not limited to: state and local compliance/regulation (Washington State Liquor Control Board (LCB), GrowFlow), security protocols, access protocols, dress code, and work schedules;
  • Take instructions and execute all other job duties as assigned.


  • Flexibility, a positive attitude, dedication to personal growth; good sense of humor, willingness to work in a busy and varied environment, enthusiasm for cannabis; Industry and plant care knowledge a plus, but not necessary;
  • Physically fit and able to work in physically demanding environment(s): ie. able to work 10-hour days in 80+ degree environment, crouch, bend, reach, stoop, etc.;
  • Ability to work split shifts- morning hours and return evening hours;
  • Eagerness or willingness to learn new skills in growing practices and new technologies;
  • Have an attention to details;
  • A commitment to building a strong team and have an ability to manage own workload;
  • Problem-solving ability; good communication, and minimum computer/mathematical skills;
  • 21+ years old and have valid form of ID;
  • Ability to carry and lift 50 pounds;
  • Reliable transportation;
  • Fluent in English Language;


  • Outdoor Season: Starting $14+hourly;


      Job Description

      Primarily responsible for packaging operations of cannabis. Dedicated to providing  aesthetically pleasing products to our end consumers.


      • Bagging, filling, stickering, and sealing:
      • Accurately weigh product with efficiency in mind;
      • Efficiently create preroll material and make prerolls
      • Ensure all products have “bag appeal”- a good-looking bud, crow's feet removed, neat placement in window, etc. before completing orders;
      • Ensure stickers are neatly and applied according to procedures;
      • Seal pre-packs, pre-roll, and extract/concentrate packaging;
      • Diligently complete work responsibilities and proficiently use all production equipment: sealing machines, Knockbox Pre-roll Machine;
      • Ensure all debri, hair, or any unsightly material is removed from product before filling, sealing, pre-packs, pre-rolls, extract containers, etc.;
      • Maintain a clean and safe work environment;
      • Assure compliance with Canna Organix' policies including but not limited to: state and local compliance/regulation (Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board (LCB), BioTrack THC), security protocols, access protocols, safety requirements, alcohol & drug policy, dress code, and work schedules;
      • Timely report unsafe working conditions and/or any conflicts to Management;
      • Take instructions and execute other duties as assigned.


      • A positive attitude, dedication to personal growth,  good sense of humor & enthusiasm for cannabis;
      • Flexibility;
      • Have attention to details;
      • Minimum computer and mathematical skills;
      • A commitment to building a strong team and have an able to manage own workload;
      • Desire and willingness to work in a busy and varied environment;
      • Ability to focus on a single task while remaining self-motivated;
      • Ability to sit and/or stand, for 2-hour increments using hands repetitively for up to 10 hours/day;
      • Must be able to carry and lift objects up to 35 lb increments;
      • 21+ years old;
      • Reliable transportation;
      • English language proficiency.


      • Hourly- $12.50-$16