The Northwest Leaf - Growing Beyond the Status Quo

October 02, 2016

How a team of hardworking, positive-thinking people is raising the bar for production and sustainability in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. Photos by Danielle Halle.

Excerpts from: Growing Beyond the Status Quo

"Tucked away in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, and along the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca is a small town called Sequim. This quaint waterfront town is where the Canna Organix team has decided to call home, and they couldn’t have chosen a more perfect location. With great growing conditions, easy access to the I-5 corridor and a supportive community, Canna Organix is able to grow some phenomenally beautiful Cannabis for the recreational market in Western Washington.

"Canna Organix has built a team of very hardworking people whose energy and passion is reflected in the quality of their product. Walking through the indoor facility and the hoop houses, there is such a positive energy from everyone working and the plants that are growing that it is really hard to not smile while you are in there. The team has worked hard this year and the plants are reflecting those inputs with dense nugs, amazing terpene profiles and beautiful shades of fall colors in their fan leaves.

"Canna Organix has really raised the bar for production, processing and sustainability within the Washington state Cannabis industry. By creating a positive working environment for their employees, Bentley, Humiston and Olson have provided the groundwork for their team to operate a farm that is productive, efficient and consistently produces high-quality Cannabis. You can find a variety of Canna Organix products in retail Cannabis stores across Western Washington as well as in Ellensburg. If your favorite retailer isn’t currently carrying them, ask to put them on the waitlist because you won’t be disappointed when it comes through.