Sativa Magazine - Farm Tour

October 25, 2017

"We pulled up to the farm and with the windows down, we knew we had arrived at our destination."

Excerpts from: Canna Organix Farm Tour - Sequim, WA

"One of my business partners called me from Nevada and told me he was coming up to Seattle to visit family. He wanted to visit a legal WAstate-licensed cannabis farm. Specifically, one grown with sustainable practices.

"I called a friend and his first recommendation was Canna Organix in Sequim WA, home of the Lavender Festival. 

"Canna Organix was happy to make time to give us a walk-through tour of the farm. Seven days later we were on a road trip through acres of evergreen forests. We arrived in Sequim after a three-hour drive from Seattle. Following the advice of Google Maps, we found ourselves at the end of a dead-end road where we met someone that was able to guide us to our destination. He told us to follow our nose. Excellent advice.