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What flower to get in Washington State

A Seattle flower that soaks in the sun.

Excerpts from: Event Recap: The Highly- What Flower to Get

Founders Wendy, Tim, Steve and Kyle began their cannabis journey while working in greenhouse production in Northern California’s, Mendocino County — known for its legendary land, 1960’s old-school growers, and cannabis way of life. They moved back to their home in Washington State when cannabis became legal and founded Canna Organix in 2013. What makes Canna Organix special is the location of their greenhouse and the extreme attention each leaf gets. A rare score when shopping in Seattle.

The Canna Organix greenhouse is located in Sequim, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula where there is 250 days of sun, cool summers, warm winters and only 16 inches of rain each year. The flower is mindfully cared for: each bud is individually hand trimmed for minimal trichome loss, and hand watered — yes, hand watered.

This keen attention to detail is not only dedicated to the plants themselves, but also to the soil in which the plants grow in. Cannabis connoisseurs know that great cannabis starts with live soil. Canna Organix only uses live soil because of this – soil that contains living microcosms such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods, and earthworms to break down organic matter to naturally make nutrients available for plant roots.

Our only downside is the industry standard plastic packaging the loose flower is packed in. It is the exception to our ‘plastic’ rule, simply because…Canna Organix is superior in Seattle.


  • Greenhouse grown in Sequim County, WA
  • Organic live soil
  • All natural
  • Hand trimmed = minimal trichome loss
  • Hand watered
  • Medium strength
  • Loose flower and pre-rolls
  • Pre-rolls are all bud (no trim) and packed in RAW natural unrefined rolling paper

Stay tuned. Canna Organix heads to Oregon next.