Current Strains

At the farm, we have a variety of over 100+ active clone mothers and 5,000+ choice seeds, many exclusive to Washington's market.

Flower Prepacks. All-bud Prerolls. CBD & THC Crystalline. Extracts, Concentrates & Distillates.

Canna Organix gardens are maintained by our caring team, each plant is hand-watered, every bud is hand-selected,  and of course, manicured and packaged by the dedicated members of our crew.



24.51% THC .01% CBD

A 2018 DOPE Cup winner, do-si-dis is an indica-dominant hybrid that has danced right into our hearts. With doughy, kushy, fruity flavors Do-si-dos is a heavy hitter that has left us very glad to add her to our line-up.


Coming soon...

The Dos-i-lato has gasey and sweet doughy minty flavors. She stacks hard with trichomes, and brings something for everyone. We cannot wait to share her with you!


24.99% THC .07% CBD

Girl Scout cookies crossed with Pink Panties- Sherbert is an indica-dominate house-fav for every good reason known to man and woman. Complex aromas of skunky citrus, creamy sweet berries and sweet melted sherbert ice-cream lend Sherbert's colorful nuggets with the kind of stank we appreciate. Flavor, funk, and trichome covered- take me home tonight!

Dr. Gonzo

Coming Soon...

Dr. Gonzo brings long stacking buds with extreme resin production. She has the Sin Mint nose up front with sweet finish from Grandpa's Breath. Dr.s in- Gonzo has the remedy! 

Bruce Banner

29.65% THC .07% CBD

Bruce Banner takes nicely after both parents- bred from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel- Banner produces dense hulky light green buds heavily frosted with trichomes. Buds impart a fuel skunky aroma balanced nicely by notes of spicy sweetness.

Forbidden Fruit

20.79% THC .34% CBD

Newly released, Forbidden Fruit is Cherry Pie crossed with Blood Orange Tangie, producing a true purple strain. Oranges, oranges, oranges, we pleased to share this unique beauty with you.


24% THC .17% CBD

Bred from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, the Gelato stacks up nicely living up to her lineage- buds bloom in rich purple and emerald hues brightened by fiery orange hairs of which are nearly concealed in crystal resin.  Thank you Cookie Fam Genetics for breeding another beauty.

The Glue

25.91% THC .10% CBD

2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup Winner and 2017 Washington Dope Cup Winner, The Glue s a three way cross said to come from the Chemsis, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. The Glue yields bright, beautiful, crystal covered flowers with an amazing aroma encompassing all of the parent genetics. A fantastic smoke to be enjoyed anytime you wish!


24.74% THC .065% CBD

Newly released to the public, Zklittlez has unknown genetics with unforgettable lemon terps- tastes and smells just like a lemon skittle.

Presidential OG

22.15% THC .09% CBD

An almost purely indica, Presidential OG was bred from Bubblegum and OG Kush.  She offers a slightly earthy flavor, and is known to have a sweet aroma often described as citrus and pine.